Winter Testimonials

Below is feedback that I have received from clients and professionals in the recent past. I thank each of them for there kind words, and at the same time would like to share with you as well. I take this feedback very seriously and use it to continue bringing value to clients whether it’s a purchase or a refinance.

As winter sets in, always feel free to contact me for any help that I can offer you.

Best, Jim


I am always careful to refer friends and clients to service providers because I don’t want to be blamed if anything goes wrong.   This summer I referred Jim to my best friend for his mortgage refi and Jim got him a fantastic rate and had the deal closed in an amazingly quick amount of time.  I will certainly be sending all of my friends and clients his way.

Ben Gernandt
SVP, Corcoran


Jim did an excellent job obtaining the mortgage for us. The whole process from start to closing was painless and straight forward. At closing, everything went as he outlined when we started, the numbers were right, it did not take too long to close, and it certainly did not take any significant effort on our side.

What Jim did for us was a refinance mortgage. Our original mortgage was not properly recorded and so Jim had to do a lot of extra work to secure the deal. All of it was transparent to us, we did not have to do anything at all. Jim was recommended to me by a colleague. In turn, I would definitely recommend Jim to anyone looking for a mortgage.

All the best, Leo Y.


Interested in re-financing our mortgage, we challenged Jim Kroll to find us a better rate, faster service and easier closing than what we’d gone through in the past working with a large financial services company. My wife and I have a great credit score but we’ve had some employment interruption due to the economy.

Jim assessed our financial circumstances and found us a program that met our cash flow and rewarded our good credit score. The rate was killer good! 

Jim is respectful, organized, does things on time and gets a good deal done. He impressed us with his in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market, attention to detail, and ability to negotiate savings on our behalf. He made the process stress-free.

Ted T.


I have been getting hounded by banks and mortgage brokers for a couple of years now. I must have talked to a dozen different people who told me they could save me a lot of money with a refi. Everyone of them promised the world. Then after countless hours on the phone and time to and from their offices, they realized they could not do much better then what I had already. I was ready to give up and stay with my 30 year fixed when a buddy of mine told me I had to talk to Jim Kroll. Being that I had already been through this process unsuccessfully, I was skeptical to call and try again. Thank God I did.

From the very beginning Jim was very honest and to the point. Jim quoted a rate that I never thought I would get in a million years. Not even 5 days later Mr. Kroll called me back and said he could knock of another .25%. What mortgage brokers do you know that would be that honest? He already had me with a higher rate. When I agreed to do the refi I felt like I was Jim’s only client. Anytime I called or e-mailed I received an immediate response. There was even one night I was faxing some papers to him in his office at 10 pm.

After all was said and done Jim knocked off 7 years of my mortgage and saved me roughly 270 thousand dollars. Oh and the best part is I am also paying less each month than I was with my old mortgage. This in my book is called a “Home Run”. For anyone out their interested in refinancing or someone in need of a mortgage, look no where else Jim Kroll is the man.

Sincerely, Christian K.

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