The Best Chances of Winning a Bidding War

James Kroll

The tri-state real estate market is back, open houses are brimming and bidding wars are on.

How do you equip yourself to have the best chance of winning a bidding war?

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The crucial element to having the best chance of winning a bidding war is a recent pre-approval letterfrom a trusted lender like Mortgage Master, Inc.

Particularly in a market like this, when sellers can receive bids fast and furiously, a pre-approval letter makes a bid stand out and gives sellers additional confidence to accept a bid.

As opposed to just a pre-qualification letter, a pre-approval letter demonstrates to the real estate professionals in the transaction that you have been cleared by your financing team, including your borrowing power being properly vetted through a credit and income check.

Even when just looking at potential properties, already having a pre-approval letter in hand can serve as big advantage.

Keep in mind that pre-approvals with me are always at NO COST.

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Best, Jim

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